WALKING WITH GOD’S MUSICIANS MINISTRIES . Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!

Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!


Interview with new BEC RECORDINGS artist JESSA ANDERSON! 8 avril, 2011

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Interview with new BEC RECORDINGS artist JESSA ANDERSON! dans Interviews jessa%20anderson

Here is a new e-mail interview with JESSA ANDERSON the newest signed artist with BEC RECORDINGS.Her beautiful  music and her faith are so refreshing. 

When did you start singing?

Singing is something I have loved since I started talking. I remember singing « Jesus Loves Me » in church before I was three years old. It’s definitely something that has always been a major part of who I am.    Do you write your own songs?  I do! I love to communicate what God is teaching me through my songs. On occasion my husband and I will collaborate as well.   

How can we pray for you and other Christian artists?

Life as a touring musician is very unique. As much as I love it and have a passion to continue, there are difficulties as well. Being on the road can make it challenging to have an established sense of community when you do have opportunities to spend time at home. Every day looks different, and that can lead to a feeling of insecurity or confusion about the future. I know for our family, prayers for continued and growing faith in God’s provision are always welcome!  

  How do you balance your personal and professional life?  Thankfully my husband, daughter and I are able to travel as a family. My husband is a fantastic musician and songwriter and we perform as a duo. I think the biggest challenge is setting aside a few minutes that are focused on our relationship to each other as a couple and a family, because it’s easy to let work infiltrate every waking moment, whether it’s logistics or the more creative stuff. We love what we do though and have grown to love this lifestyle as well!    

 What are, for you;  the most important needs of Christian musicians?   Right now, with the way the music industry has shifted toward digital sales, just supporting musicians by attending their shows and buying CD’s and merch, or downloading the CD online is a huge encouragement. We are passionate about bringing the message of salvation through Christ as well as encouragement to believers through great music and feel so fortunate to be able to support our family doing that. Seeing people respond to that by supporting our music is such a blessing.  

To learn more about Jessa check out the following links:

 http://jessaanderson.com (main site)   

  facebook.com/JessaAnderson (Facebook FanPage) , twitter.com/jessaanderson (Twitter profile),  

myspace.com/jessaanderson (Myspace profile),

iTunes.com/JessaAnderson (iTunes shop)

                                                       dans Interviews 

  Thank you so much to Jessa for taking the time to answer these questions !Please keep her and her family in your prayers, and check back for more interviews.





Newsletter Febuary 2011/ Lettre de Nouvelles Février 2011 28 février, 2011

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  Hello everyone, 

Sorry if this letter finds you late I had a virus on my other e-mail adress so I’m writting from a new one. Sorry for any inconvinience that might have cause you!   

                                      “ Sacrifice thank offerings to God, 

                                      Fulfill your vows to the Most High. »                                           -PSALM 50:14- 

    » I could only see a few feet in front of me. If I could see any further than that,the journey ahead would be too scary. But He was showing me all that I needed,just a few steps at a time…giving me little glimmers of grace… if I would choose to SEE them. »   

   -Mary Beth Chapman-from the book CHOOSING TO SEE ( wife of Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman)


  -         I just want to ask you to pray for Steven Curtis Chapman’s family  who lost their youngest adopted  daughter Maria in a car accident ( one of their sons was the driver he didn’t see his sister)  in 2008, may God continue to bring  healing in this deep faith routed family ! May we choose to SEE as they did! 

-                                       the Chapmans with Maria / Les Chapman avec Maria 

.                                    Without Maria/Sans Maria 

  For more information on the chapmans visit: 


  www.marybethchapman.com/ ( if you can and want to read her book do it, it changed my life!) 



-         Let’s also pray this Month celebrating Valentine’s Day for the Christian artists couples may their love for God and each other grow. -         New Christ- centred artists 

-         For Christian musicians gone into the secular music business , may they go back to a Christlike life.   

In Christ’s glorifying’music, Rebecca 

Walking With God’s Musicians ministries (WGM)   




Bonjour à tous et à toutes, Désolée que cette lettre soit en retard mais j’ai eu un virus donc j’écris d’une nouvelle adresse mail. En m’excusant pour tout problèmes que cela aurait pu vous causer. 

«  Offre en sacrifice à Dieu ta reconnaissance, et accomplis tes vœux envers le Très-Haut. » 

- PSAUME 50/14-   


“ Je ne pouvais voir que quelques pas devant moi. Si je pouvais voir plus loin, le chemin devant nous serait trop effrayant. Mais Il me montrait tout ce que j’avais besoin de voir, juste quelques pas à la fois… me donnant des petite lueurs de grâce…Si je choisissais de les VOIR. »-Mary- Beth Chapman ( femme du chanteur Chrétien Steven Curtis Chapman) du livre CHOOSING TO SEE-   

(voir photos plus haut !)   


-         J’aimerais vous demander de prier pour la famille de Steven Curtis Chapman qui ont perdu leur plus jeune  fille adoptive Maria dans un accident de voiture  malheureusement provoqué par un de leur fils en 2008 !Que Dieu continue de guérir leurs cœurs ! Prions pour choisir de voir comme ils ont fait !   

-         Pour plus d’informations sur les Chapman : -           


www.marybethchapman.com/ ( Si vous pouvez et voulez lire son livre CHOOSING TO SEE , faites- le , il a changé ma vie !)   

-         Prions pour les couples des musiciens Chrétiens en ce mois de l’amour !Que Dieu les préserve ! -           

-         De nouveaux musiciens Chrétiens centrés sur Christ -           

-         Que ceux partis dans la musique du monde reviennent à Christ entièrement et revienne vers la musique Chrétienne.   

Dans la musique glorifiant Christ, Rebecca 

  Walking With God’s Musicians ministries (WGM) 



Interview with Independent Christian artist Rita Pam Tarachi 29 janvier, 2011

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Interview with independent Christian artist Rita Pam Tarachi


 Afficher l'image en taille réelle


Here is an interview I did with Rita via e-mail ! And I have to say her words inspired me I hope they will be alble to inspire you too!

How is life as a Christian musician?

Life as a messenger in God’s vineyard isn’t all rosy! There are times I have it all smooth and there are times, the journey gets tougher but I am grateful for both the happy and rough times as these are the things we’re to expect. Jesus Himself said this in  Matthew 10.16: “Listen! I am sending you out just like sheep to a pack of wolves. You must be as cautious as snakes and as gentle as doves” (GNT)

What is the Lord teaching you at the moment?Currently, what I’m learning at the Lord’s feet is to trust him completely and never fret about tomorrow. Its totally human to worry some times but we should have it at the back of our minds that worry solves nothing! We should continually keep our focus on Him and get attention off ourselves… In doing this, we’d realize that as we seek Him and His kingdom, He’d begin to increase us and bless all aspects of our lives. In Matthew 6.33 it says “But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (ASV)

Do you write your own songs?

Yes, I write my own songs.

What are the best ways to intercede, pray for you and other Christian artists ?

We need prayers over our lives and our ministries, that GOD would keep us strengthened to carry out the message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth; there are countless trials and thorns along the way, and we need God to overcome; our needs sometimes are also personal and we need to continue praying for each other.

Thank you Rita for this interview!

for more information on Rita:



Rebecca Maurino Walking With God’s Musicians ministries



Newsletter January 2011/ Lettre de Nouvelles Janvier 2011. 16 janvier, 2011

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Happy New Year 2011 !
  Sorry pictures didn’t want to display! I’ll see what I can do!Désolée, les photos ne se sont pas affichées , je vais voir ce que je peux faire à ce sujet!

WGM(walking With God’s Musicians ministries) Newsletter January 2011/ Lettre de Nouvelles Janvier 2011       

Here is the Newsletter for January 2011 everyone! Happy New year to you all!J

  ENGLISH :   -One of most exciting news of  January 2011 is  Rebecca St.James who wrote the song and book”Wait for me”(about sexual purity until marriage)in 2002 getting married to a lucky man named Jacob. For more imformation on Rebecca please visit:    http://rebeccastjames.forefrontrecords.com/     Let’s pray for this new couple that’s God’s blessings may be upon them.I’d love for us to take the time to pray for the female Christian artists that are still single that God may bring a husband in their lives if it’s His Will!      

  -The second pray request is for Natalie Grant who gave birth to a little Sadie Rose on Devember 17th as a Christmas gift.Let’s pray for the Mom and the baby.Learn more at: 


      -The third thing I’d love us to pray for this month is a pray request from an independent Christan artist  Becky Kelley: “if you could pray for peace and a clear focus on Him, that would be wonderful.  It’s funny how stressed out you can get even doing God’s work.  No matter what we do, we are always our best when we let God hold us and lead us.  That’s so hard to do sometimes.” For more on Becky check her website: http://wheresthelinetoseejesus.com/     Thank you everyone for joining me in praying for musicians”  “missionaries”! Blessings in the coming year, Rebecca(I’m proud to carry the same name as Rebecca St. James!)    FRANCAIS:   Bonjour tout le monde et Bonne année !J  Voici la lettre de nouvelles de Walking With God’s Muiscians ministries(WGM)pour Janvier 2011.   

Une des nouvelles les plus excitante de Janvier 2011 est l’annonce des fiançailles de la chanteuse Chrétienne Rebecca St. James qui a composé le chant et écrit le livre «Attends-moi(wait for me) »sur la pureté sexuelle jusqu’au mariage) à un homme chanceux du nom de Jacob. Prions que Dieu bénisse ce nouveau couple. Pour plus d’informations sur Rebecca visitez :


 J’aimerais aussi en profiter pour vous demander de prier pour les musiciennes Chrétiennes encore célibataires pour que si c’est Sa volonté il amène un mari sur leur chemin.

      -La seconde nouvelle est pour Natalie Grant qui a donné naissance le 17 Décembre dernier à une petite Sadie Rose comme cadeau de Noel. Prions pour la mère et le bébé. Pour plus d’informations visitez : www.nataliegrant.com/    

 -   La dernière requête de ce mois-ci est celle d’une chanteuse Chrétienne indépendante du nom de Becky Kelley : «  Si vous pourriez priez pour la paix et d’être clairement  centrée sur Lui(Dieu), ce serait merveilleux, c’est drôle de voir combien on peut être stressée même en faisant le travail du Seigneur. Peut importe ce qu’on fait, on est toujours au mieux quand on laisse Dieu nous diriger et nous tenir. C’est si dur à faire parfois. » Pour en savoir plus sur Becky visitez son site : http://wheresthelinetoseejesus.com/   

  Merci à tous et à toutes de  vous joindre à moi dans la prière pour prier pour les « missionnaires »musiciens !     Pleins de bénédictions pour la nouvelle année, 

Rebecca(Je suis fière de porter le même prénom que Rebecca St.James !) Walking With God’s Musicians ministries(WGM) 

 Blog :  http://wgmministries.unblog.fr/  

 Facebook:   http://fr-fr.facebook.com/group.php?gid=147777681908046 



Q&A with KANSAS from TRUE EMOTION 4 décembre, 2010

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Here is an intervew I did with Kansas via e-mail , we’ve been « e-mail friends » for about a year now! She is such an inpiration and blessing to me!

  Q&A with KANSAS from TRUE EMOTION dans Interviews l_087c7a82be484658aa45d942b9179480 

Kelsie, Kasondra, Kansas, Jasmyn, Jamie     

 Who is True emotion :   

True emotion is a Pop/Dance Christian band  formed by the 5 Calkhoven sisters, Kansas, Jamie,Kasondra, kelsie and Jasmyn.

They are full of energy , love for Christ and  most of all, of talent.          

  Here are the questions I asked her and her answers:

How is life as a Christian  traveling artist( especially with  2 boys)? ( good and bad sides of it?)

  It is great!  I feel like I have the best of both worlds.  God has blessed me as a mother with two wonderful boys and also as an artist to be able to minister through music and being on the road.  I love being able to share my faith and testimony at concerts, but it is SO hard being away from my boys.  Thankfully I have a wonderful husband at home who is supportive and watches over them.    

How is it being a Wife and Mom while touring?


It works out fine and we find a good balance.  It helps being able to skype and talk on the phone with them when I am away.  Sometimes they are even able to come along, which I love!    How do you balance touring and family life?   That is a question that I don’t even know how to answer:)  Balance is something I will always strive for, but I don’t know if I will ever have.  I just try and do the best at both.  When I am home I give my FULL attention to my family/boys and when I’m on the road I give my attention and focus to our music and ministry.  I feel God gives me balance in life when I give 100% to Him and what He is calling me to do at that time.   

How do you maintain a close relationship with the Lord , being on the road so much , and being very busy?

  I spend a lot of time writing, praying and reading scripture.  I feel God talks to me a lot through Scripture and writing is my escape for talking to Him.  I really grow in a relationship with Him when I get my thoughts and feelings out and worship in prayer.  I continue to ask support from friends and family and also for prayers as I want to seek the Lord in all I do.  I have learned to take time every day and set it aside for alone time with the Lord.   

How do you keep close friendships being on the road so much? I keep up with phone calls, emails and getting together when I can.  My close friends understand and support me no matter how much they « see » me.l_5576dec9e00a4b4898a03523e03bc12a dans Interviews

 Jamie, Jasmyn, Kansas, Kelsie, Kasondra    

Thank you kansas for answering my Questions!:)


 Website:  www.trueemotionmusic.com.

 Myspace : www.myspace.com/trueemotiononline 

 E-mail : info@trueemotionmusic.com                     




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     WALKING WITH GOD’S MUSICIANS MINISTRIES DECEMBER 2010   noel_boules_guirlandesENGLISH   Hello friends, I hope this letter finds you well . 

  Here are our prayer requests for the month of December:   -         Let ‘s pray that Christmas might be a good opportunity to bring lost souls to Christ through Christian music -         Let’s pray that Christian Music may be listened to more than it is -         Good Church and teaching for Christian musicians      WHAT ARE YOU THOUGHTS ON… :   -a myspace page for the ministry -         a brochure about the ministry to give to Christians and Churches -         brief interview with Christian artists on the ministry blog.(one is underway!)   PLEASE SEND ME YOUR THOUGHS AND COMMENTS, THAT WILL HELP ME MAKE THIS MINISTRY BETTER! THANK YOU!!!   PS: any help is welcome!Conatct me via e-mail at if you desire to help:  rebeccamaurino@yahoo.fr   In Christ, Rebecca        FRANÇAIS:   

Bonsoir chers ami(e)s,

J’espère que cette lettre vous en bonne santé.


Voici  nos sujets de prière pour le mois de décembre :


-         Prions pour que Noêl soit une bonne occasion d’amener des âmes perdues à Christ à travers la musique Chrétienne

-         Prions pour que la musique Chrétienne soit écoutée plus qu’elle ne l’est

-         Une bonne église et un bon enseignement Biblique pour les musiciens Chrétiens




-         une page myspace pour le ministère

-         une brochure  à donner aux églises et aux Chrétiens

-         un bref interview avec des musiciens Chrétiens sur le blog du ministère ( une est en préparation !)





PS : Toute aide est la bienvenue ! Contactez- moi si vous voulez aider à l’adresse suivante : rebeccamaurino@yahoo.fr


En Christ,


Walking With God’s Musicians ministries (WGM) Blog: http://wgmministries.unblog.fr/    facebook: http://fr-fr.facebook.com/group.php?gid=147777681908046   



PHOTO! 13 novembre, 2010

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Here is a picture from The Sonflowerz Double Wedding used with permission:

PHOTO! 2CouplesOutdoorsLARGE

Chad, Elissa , Becca and Bryan


Don’t they look beautiful and happy!:)

I also want to encourage you to check their great music and to visit their website:


Talk to you soon,



Voici une photo du Double mariage des Sonflowerez utilisée avec   permission!

Ne sont -ils pas magnifiques et heureux? :)

J’aimerais aussi vous encourager à écouter leur musique et à visiter leur site officiel:


A bientôt,




Newletter November 2010/Lettre de Nouvelles Novembre 2010 10 novembre, 2010

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Newsletter November 2010

 Joyeux Thanksgiving ! Happy Thanksgiving!


Psalm 107:1 (NIV)
« Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. » 

ENGLISH: Hello everyone, 

This month as we get ready to celebrate  THANKSGIVING I thought it would be a good thing to share prayer answers to our prayers and give thanks to God for it ,together.God answered many prayers.   

So here are the praises :   

-         Praise God for  the Leander sisters(Becca and Elissa)from The Sonflowerz who had a great double wedding: Click  to read their blog on the special day and see pictures from the wedding. I would post pictures but I don’t want to do that without permission so to see photos please visit the websites links below: 



-          The very known Singer /Worship Leader Chris Tomlin got married yesterday to his fiancée Lauren Bricken. -           


-         Francesca battilstelli had a beautiful baby boy September 22nd : Matthew Elijah Goodwin, visit her website for cute pictures of the baby boy:   


  -         Meredith Andrews also gave birth to a cute baby boy at the end of August  named Maverick Elijah Smooter  visit her website for more imformation. 

-           http://www.meredithandrews.com/ 

  So please give thanks to God this month for everything He has done for Christian artists and keep them in your prayers.Thank you! 




“ Louez l’Eternel, car il est bon! Oui, sa bonté dure éternellement. » -Psaume 107 :1-


Bonjour à tous et à toutes,

Ce mois-ci comme les Etats-Unis s’apprêtent à fêter Thanksgiving ( fête de reconnaissance à Dieu !) J’ai pensais que ce serait une bonne idée de partager avec vous les réponses aux prières  et d’en remercier Dieu ensemble. Dieu a répondu à de nombreuses prières :


Voici les sujets de reconnaissance et les réponses aux prières :

-         Becca et Elissa Lander des Sonflowerz on fait un beau double mariage en septembre.Je mettrais bien des photos mais n’ayant pas encore d’accord officiel je préfére vous laisser vister les sites qui suivront :




-         Chris Tomlin s’est apparemment  marié hier avec sa fiancée Lauren Bricken hier.


-         http://www.christomlin.com/


-         Francesca Battistelli a donné naissance au beau petit Matthew Elijah Goodwin le 22 Septembre :


-         http://www.francescamusic.com/


-         Meredith Andrews a aussi eu un petit garçon fin Aôut du nom de Maverick Elijah Smooter



-         S’il vous plait prenait le temps ce mois de remercier Dieu pour ce qu’Il fait pour ces artistes Chrétiens et gardez-les dans vos prières. Merci !


Avec Reconnaissance,





Newsletter October 2010/ Lettre de Nouvelles Octobre 2010 22 octobre, 2010

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Walking With God’s Musicians ministries  


Walking With God’s Musicians ministries

           Standing alongside Christian artists through prayer OCTOBER NEWSLETTER 2010 / LETTRE DE NOUVELLES OCTOBRE 2010


Hello dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I hope this letter finds you well!

Well a new month is ahead of us which goes with new surprises and prayer requests

I’ll start by giving a verse shared by Matt Hammitt from the Christian band Sanctus  Real on the Hammitt’s bog:

« But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,

the puroses of his heart through all generations. » – PSALM 33:11-

Here are specific prayer requests for this coming month:

- the most important prayer request this month is for  Matt Hammitt’s ( Sanctus Real : http://www.sanctusreal.com/)son Bowen who’s at the hospital due to heart problems: Matt and his wife Sarah really need our prayers:Here’s a picture of Sarah and Matt and little Bowen:

Newsletter October 2010/ Lettre de Nouvelles Octobre 2010 62001_470621810406_581875406_6576896_1293920_n 

Here are Sarah ,Claire,Emmy and Matt ( Left-right)


Please also do visit their blog : http://bowensheart.com/our-story/ .I Thank God for their Godly examples !

- Please do pray secondly for all the artists/ Musicians families, that God may help them to be Godly examples and strong towers to the musician .May God God be with the families when the artist is away on tour.

-let’s pray for the musicians finances. Art these days doesn’t bring a lot of income nowdays, especially in the Christian part of the music business. But they need to pay a rent and everything else like all of us! Please! Please! If you can buy Christian CDs , do so, it’s the best way you can help finacially.



Walking With God’s Musicians ministries ( WGM ministries)


Bonjour,chers frères et soeurs en Christ ,

j’espère que vous allez tous bien!

Je commencerais en vous partageant un verset qui m’a encouragé, partagé par Matt Hammitt groupe Chrétien Sanctus Real  :http://www.sanctusreal.com/)

 » mais les plans de l’Eternel subsistent éternellement,

et les projets de son coeur de génération en génération » – Psaume 33:11-

Voici quelques sujets de prière spécifiques pour le mois à venir:

- Premièrement, le sujet le plus important est pour Bowen le fils de Matt Hammitt de Sanctus Real qui est à l’hôpital avec des problèmes au coeur: Voici quelques photos de la famille:

62001_470621810406_581875406_6576896_1293920_nSarah , Matt et Bowen


Sarah, Claire, Emmy, Matt ( de gauche à droite)

-Prions aussi pour les familles des musiciens , artistes, que Dieu soit avec eux quand le, la musicien(ne)s part en tournée , qui puissent s’encourager mutuellement!

- Enfin , prions pour les finances des musiciens,car la musique ne rapporte pas beaucoup de nos jours. Si vous pouvez acheter des CDs Chrétiens , faites-le!Cest l’un des meilleur moyen de les aider financièrement.

Que la grâce de Dieu soit avec vous ,


Walking With God’s Musicians ministries (WGM ministries)



lettre de nouvelles Septembre 2010/ Newsletter September 2010 1 septembre, 2010

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« Worship has the ability to calm fears , to focus our minds, and to connect us by the expression of our hearts to the living God! What an invaluable gift to us all! » – Christy Nockels – Singer/ Songwriter/ Worship Leader and former member of WATERMARK. ww.christynockels.comHello again prayer partners!

I hope this e-mail finds you well!

this month the Newsletter will be a little shorter , but our prayers are still needed for the people serving God through music!

Here are the prayer requests for September:

- Kansas from TRUE EMOTION asked  to pray that they may have more opportunites to glorify God through their music.


- Weddings : the Leander sisters from  THE SONFLOWERZ Elissa and Becca are both getting married this month they are doing a DOUBLE WEDDING isn’t that cool ? www.sonflowerz.com

 Well -known Christian singer Chris Tomlin is also marrying his girlfriend Lauren in November!Let ‘s pray for these new Christian couples , may they bring glory to God always! www.christomlin.com

- Pray also for the spiritual and physical health that the artists may be able to serve God faithfully a very long time still.

- Let ‘s also ask God to inspire them with new great inspiring , Spirit- filled songs to Worship God and encourage us and so many around the world.

I’ll leave you with a verse from the Bible :

 » Sing to God O kingdoms of the earth,

sing praise to the Lord. »

-Psalm 68:32-

In Christ,


PS: Chek the new album by Former Point of grace member HEATHER PAYNE called SWEET EXCHANGE, it’s a mix of hymns with a modern and fresh twist to it!It’s out on September 14th ! Enjoy!:) http://www.brickhousedirect.com/artists/heatherpayne/ecards/2010_08_ListeningParty/index.html


 » La Louange a la possibiité de calmer nos peurs , de focaliser nos pensées,de nous connecter par l’expression de nos coeurs au Dieu vivant!Quel cadeau inestimable pour nous tous! Christy Nockels- Chanteuse Chrétienne-  www.christynockels.com

Bonjour à tous,

voici les sujets de prière pour Septembre:

-Kansas de TRUE EMOTION a demandé de prier que le groupe est plus de possiblilités de glorifier Dieu par leur musique. www.trueemotion.com

- Les soeurs Leander des SONFLOWERZ  se marient toutes deux à des hommes merveilleux, elles vont faire un double mariage! Sympa, non?

Chris Tomlin se mariera aussi en Novembre. Prions pour ces nouveaux couples Chrétiens qu’ils honorent Dieu à jamais! www.christomlin.com

- Prions aussi pour leur santé Spirituelle et physique pour q’ils/ elles puissent servent Dieu encore très longtemps!

-Que Dieu leur inspire de beaux chants spirituels à Sa gloire , pour nous encourager et donner de l’espoir à beaucoup dans le monde!

Je vous laisse avec un verset de la Bible:

 » Royaumes de la terre, chantez en l’honneur de Dieu,

célébrez le Seigneur! » 

- Psaume 68: 33-

En Christ,


PS: Ecoutez le nouvel album de HEATHER PAYNE ancienne membre du groupe point of grace , l’album s’appelle SWEET EXCHANGE , c’est une collection de cantiques modernisés!Il sort le 14 Septembre! Profitez-en bien!:)




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