WALKING WITH GOD’S MUSICIANS MINISTRIES . Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!

Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!


Guest post review on Britt Nicole’s new single : « All This Time » 6 mars, 2012

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Guest post review on Britt Nicole's new single :


“I just hope that it encourages you and
it reminds you that God is faithful and He is for you and He is with you that
no matter what you are walking through, He sees it and He is your strength…”

said Britt Nicole as she excitedly talked about her single “All This Time”
which is included in her up coming album “GOLD” on March 27 but will be
available on March 26th. However, her fans have no reason to fret because her new
single “All This Time” is available on iTunes since January 31st.

This song captured my ears and my heart the very first time I heard it play at
a Christian radio station KLOVE. The song spoke to me in a way I could relate.
It reminded me the time in my life that I realized, God has been with me all
this time

The lyrics reflected Britt’s life testimony as she undergo of her parent’s
painful divorce.

I remember the moment

I remember the pain

I was only a girl

But I grew up that day

Tears were falling

I know You saw me

« ‘All This Time’ is my salvation story, It is the story of how I met
Jesus, and a reminder that whatever we face in life, we don’t have to face it
alone because Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us. » she shared
in her website.

Britt’s parents divorced when she was seven years old.

« During that time of going through that divorce, I remember just feeling
an emptiness in my heart and feeling like, ‘Man, my mom can’t fill this void,
and my dad isn’t going to be able to fill it…something is missing.’ I would
watch my parents argue and fight, and I was afraid. Then there were times where
I felt really alone. It was a situation that they were going through, where I
felt like I couldn’t really go to them.

I got saved when I was seven-years-old, the same time I was watching my parents
go through this divorce. I just remember this man preaching, and my heart
pounding in my chest. He gave the alter call. He said, ‘If anyone wants to come
down and receive Jesus as your Savior, you can come down now.’ I needed to just
cry, I needed to just lay it all down before His feet. And say, God take
it. » she stated in her life’s testimony in an interview article for

Britt Nicole’s lyrics testifies that God can bring healing and restoration to
broken hearts of this broken generation.

402065_10151082499630436_585855435_22334106_1560537631_nBy Myric Andreasen

Myric is a very dear friend of mine , and a very gifted Blogger and
writer.Check out her amazing blog here:http://myricandreasen.blogspot.com/



Song review ! 25 février, 2012

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Hello everyone,

here is a music review that ,Courtney, the editor of a great Christian  e-zine for Missionary Kids , it’s designed to help girls whose  parents are on the mission field.I  write music reviews and devotionals from time to time for this  online magazine. The e-zine is called NOT OF THIS WORLD: here is the link to the website:


You can also check her amazing blog :



PHILLIPS, CRAIG & DEAN  : When the stars burn down( Blessing and Honor): 

Song  review ! Phillips-Craig-Dean-When-the-Stars-Burn-Down-Blessing-and-Honor-iTunes-Plus-AAC-M4A-2012-Single

The popular worship trio Phillips, Craig, & Dean just released their latest single, “When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor).” The song is simple, yet powerful, painting a beautiful picture of what it will be like when this world ends and the next starts. In a video introducing the single, Dan Dean said, “[It] puts things into perspective of what life is really all about.” The moving melody is just the first of many more to come. Look for Phillips, Craig, & Dean’s eleventh album on March 13th.
You’ll find a video of the song blolow:


Thank you Courtney for kindly writing this blog and sharing this inspiring song with us.

I will try  to have some  various writers on the  blog from time to time…

Have a good day ,



P:S: Pour les Français , désolée , mais cela prenant beaucoup de temps , les blogs  écrits par d’autres auteurs ne seront pas traduits. Merci de votre compréhension.




What is Worship? Qu’est ce que la louange? 14 février, 2012

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What is Worship? Qu'est ce que la louange? Worship



« Worship has the ability to calm fears, to focus our minds, and to connect us by the expression of our hearts to the linving God! »

- Singer/Worship Leader CHRISTY NOCKELS-

Check back soon for more blogs on Worship…




 » La Louange a la possiblité de calmer les peurs, de focaliser nos pensées et de nous connecter par l’expression de nos coeurs au Dieu Vivant! »

-La chanteuse/Directrice de Louange CHRISTY NOCKELS-

Revenez -vite sur le blog pour plus de blogs sur la Louange…



Pour en savoir plus sur la musique Chrétienne et ses artistes/ To know more about Christian music and it’s artists 11 février, 2012

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Pour en savoir plus sur la musique Chrétienne et ses artistes/ To know more about Christian music and it's artists rencontre-internet


Hello everyone,

here are a few links to some great Christian music ministries:


For a general very complete webiste about Christian music:



For a great Christian online radio:



For  a Christian channel online including tons of Christian music!) :



I pray these links bring some encouragement to you through their deep spiritual content!

In Christ,




Bonjour tout le monde,

voici quelques lien (en anglais car ils sont beaucoup plus nombreux dans cette langue)

Pour un excellent  site général très complet sur la musique Chrétienne:


Pour une super radio chrétienne sur internet:


Pour une chaîne Chrétienne sur internet ( avec beaucoup de musique Chrétienne):


J’espère que ces liens vous encouragerons par leur contenu spirituel très riche!

En Christ,







Newsletter for Jan/Feb 2012/ Lettre de Nouvelles de Jan-Fév 2012 1 février, 2012

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1 février, 2012

Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012 / Lettre de Nouvelles Jan-Fév 2012

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Hello everyone,
Happy New Year !
In this Newsletter I would like  us to pray for Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader Chris Tomlin , his wife Lauren and their newborn girl Ashlyn Alexandra Tomlin born September 22, 2011. Surely they would appreciate our prayers with Chris touring, having a best of out ,  being married for a little over a year and recently becoming parents. Life must be very challenging for this new family serving God!At the same time let’s pray together that Christian musicians may be good parents fellowing after God!
Here ‘s a family picture shared on Chris’s Twitter:Enjoy!
Newsletter for Jan/Feb 2012/ Lettre de Nouvelles de Jan-Fév 2012 ashlyn-tomlin1
The Tomlins
To learn more about  Chris Tomlin visitez son site : www.christomlin.com
In Christ,
facebook :http://www.facebook.com/#!/prayerandmusic( pour le Français voir la page suivante merci !)
Bonjour tout le monde,
Bonne année !
Dans cette lettre de nouvelles je voudrais demander de prier pour le Chanteur/Compositeur/ Conducteur de Louange Chris Tomlin, sa femme Lauren et leur petite fille Ashlyn Alxandra Tomlin , née le 22 Séptembre 2011. Ils apprécieront sûrement nos prières avec Chris en tournée pour son Best of , étant mariés depuis un  peu plus d’un an et récemment devenus parents ! La vie est sûrement pleine de surprises pour cette nouvelle famille qui sert Dieu !En même temps prions aussi pour les musiciens Chrétiens parents pour qu’ils soient de bons parents cherchant Dieu !
Voici une photo de famille du Twitter de Chris : Profitez-en bien !
Les Tomlin
Pour en savoir plus sur Chris Tomlin visitez son site : www.christomlin.com
En Christ,


Newsletter Oct/Nov/Dec 2011 / Lettre de Nouvelles Oct/Nov/Déc 2011 8 janvier, 2012

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Newsletter Oct/Nov/Dec 2011 / Lettre de Nouvelles Oct/Nov/Déc 2011 thanksgiving
Hello readers,
Happy early Thanksgiving and  very very early Christmas!
Here is the Newsletter for November/December 2011! (3 months being very long , the Newsletter will be sent every 2 months from now on!) Also a new improved facebook page is up , to keep it open it needs »likes » or facebook will probably close it, so please click on the following link  and like the page:
These coming months we’ll pray:
- for Tricia Brock (from Superchick) and now also solo artist who is pregnant with a little girl!
- That this Christmas season may be a wonderful opportunity for the artists to share Christ!
Let ‘s also thank God this Thanksgiving for Christian music and its musicians!
I’ll leave with my favorite verse of the moment :
« My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever. » -PSALM 73:26-
In Christ,
P.S: in order to keep this ministry I need help! Please let me know if you’d like to help in any small way!If not I’m not sure I can keep the ministry going and really don’t want to stop it. Thank you!
Bonjour Lectrices, lecteurs,
Joyeux Thanksgiving ( fête de reconnaissance à Dieu Jeudi pour les Américains!)  et joyeux Noel en avance!
Voici la lettre de Nouvelles de Novembre/Décembre 2011( 3 mois étant très longs , la lettre de Nouvelles sera envoyée tous les 2 mois à partir de maintenant!)Aussi, une nouvelles page facebook améliorée a été crée , mais pour que  facebook ne la ferme pas elle a besoin de « J’aime’ alors s’il vous plait aimez la page:http://www.facebook.com/prayerandmusic Merci!
Ces prochains mois nous prierons pour :TriciaBrock2_large
-Tricia Brick de Superchick  et artiste solo enceinte d’une petite fille!
- Que cette période de Noel soit une merveilleuse occasion pour les artistes Chrétiens de partager Christ!
Pensons aussi en cette période de Thanksgiving à remercier Dieu pour la musique Chrétienne et ses artistes !
Je vous laisse avec mon verset favoris du moment:
« Mon corps et mon coeur peuvent s’épuiser,
Dieu sera toujours le rocher de mon coeur  et ma bonne part. »-PSAUME 73:26-
En Christ,
P.S: Pour continuer ce ministère j’aurais vraiment besoin d’aide , contactez- moi si vous pouvez aider de la plus petite manière qu’il soit je ne voudrais pas devoir arrêter le ministère! Merci!


2 septembre, 2011

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  dans Interviews 51wrk86-ZkL._SS500_

                                            ELISSA                                                                            BECCA 



Interview with Christian  sister band The Sonflowerz:

 (1)How did the band start?

We grew up in a musical family, so it’s always been part of our lives. Elissa picked up the guitar when she was 14 and began writing songs. Soon after, we formed ‘The Sonflowerz’ with four other girls and began leading worship at our church youth group! -Becca

(2) What are from your point of view the biggest prayer requests right now for Christian musicians?

Sometimes people don’t realize that Christian musicians need prayer just like a pastor or ministry leader does. We spread the Gospel through music and it’s important that our entire lives represent Christ well. Prayer needs vary based on the person, but I think we all can relate to the need for spiritual endurance. Prayer for spiritual endurance is essential! –Becca

I know that prayer is a big reason why The Sonflowerz have been able to go forward in ministry for over 11 years now! We know it’s essential to staying close to God and be aware of the enemy’s schemes. My prayer request would be for grace in booking events, more bookings in 2012, and continued financial provision so we can keep going. Also, unity as a family ministry where our parents and husbands are involved. We are blessed by our prayer partners! – Elissa

(3) How is it singing, touring with your sister?

We are often asked how we get along so well on the road together. I think it reflects how we grew up. As a really close family, we did a lot together. Elissa and I have a great friendship and we share the same desire to see Jesus glorified through what we do. That makes touring and doing music together a lot of fun. -Becca

(4) What are the most important spiritual needs for Christian artists right now?

I think needs for Christian artists are spiritual renewal and connection within the Body of Christ. Many

artists travel so much that they become very disconnected from people who can ‘feed’ them spiritually. They are constantly ‘giving out’ which is very exhausting. Keeping focus and a pure heart in the purpose of being a Christian artist (which is to reach the lost) is often a struggle, when pressure to sell CDs and make money for a record label can be very strong.

(5) What are the most important matérial needs for Christian musicians?

Some of the material needs would be bookings, which can be hard to come by if you are just starting out, or when the economy is difficult. Events that the artist plays for is one of the main ways they make enough money to keep going as an artist. Another material need for an independent artist is volunteers to help the band promote concerts, book concerts, manage office work and things of that nature.

The biggest difference between an independent artist and ‘major label artist’ is that the indie doesn’t have a group of people working for them behind the scenes, so they need assistance in many areas. (We are lucky to have family helping us on and off the road!)

Other material needs are songs (inspiration to write!), and the right music equipment. Many artists have need for transport such as a bus or a van. -Elissa


  Thank you very much to my dear « cyber sisters in Christ and friends » Elissa and Becca for graciously  doing this interview. And don’t forget to check out their new CD « By faith » out September 13th!

Rebecca M.




WGM Newsletter Sept/Oct/Nov 2011; Lettre de Nouvelles WGM Sept/Oct/Nov 2011

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WGM  Newsletter Sept/Oct/Nov 2011; Lettre de Nouvelles WGM Sept/Oct/Nov 2011 51wrk86-ZkL._SS500_

ELISSA                                                                                             BECCA

Sept/Oct/Nov 2011


Hello and happy September everyone,

I hope this letter finds you well. For the 3 months to come we’ll pray for a girls band  I know called The Sonflowerz ! These Ladies are such sweet persons and Christians.They have been a true blessing to my life!

Here is what Elissa asked me to pray for via facebook:

You can pray for us as we work towards finishing the new CD, and continue writing our girls devotional book. We are also traveling a lot and could always use prayer as we go places to perfom.”                                                                    

links/Liens  pour plus d’information sur les Sonflowerz :

website/site :



facebook :





Stay tunned for an interview with the Sonflowerz! You’ll love these great sisters in Christ!


In prayer ,

Rebecca M.



Bonjour et bon Septembre tout le monde,

J’espère que cette lettre vous trouve en bonne santé. Pendant les 3 mois à venir nous prierons pour un groupe féminin appelé les Sonflowerz que je connais !Ces filles sont des personnes et des Chrétiennes si gentilles !

Voici ce pour  quoi Elissa m’a demandé de prier par facebook :

« Tu peux prier pour nous pendant que nous finissons le nouvel CD ,et continuons d’écrire notre livre de méditations pour les jeunes filles. Nous voyageons aussi beaucoup et pourrions toujours apprécier des prières pendant que nous voyageons pour chanter. Ne rattez pas

l’interview bientôt sur le blog avec les Sonflowerz ! Vous allez aimer ces merveilleuses sœurs en Christ !

Dans la prière,

Rebecca M.


e-mail : maurinorebecca@yahoo.fr (contact me if you’d like to help  with the ministry please !Thank you! I could really use some help!)

Blog :



Facebook :








WGM Newletter June/July/August 2011/ lettre de Nouvelles de WGM pour Juin/Juillet/Août 2011 4 août, 2011

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WGM Newletter June/July/August 2011/ lettre de Nouvelles de WGM pour Juin/Juillet/Août 2011  faire-un-voyage-dans-le-sud-ete


ENGLISH : Hello everyone, Happy Summer ! I hope you are enjoying the summer weather !This Newsletter will be very short, sorry;Here’s these next  months only prayer request:


Rebecca and Jacob FINK

-Let’s pray for  newlyweds Christian singer Rebecca St.James and husband Jacob! Rebecca being so outspoken on waiting purely until marriage , this comes as a beautiful answer from God to prayers and as an example of how true love waits!

Here is the link to her official website:





Walking With God’s Musicians ministries(WGM)








Bonjour à tous et à toutes, bon été ! J’espère que vous appréciez le temps estival !Cette lettre de Nouvelles sera courte , désolée. Voici l’unique sujet de prière de ces prochains mois : 222345_10150166658631631_12347916630_7185381_1664211_n

-         Prions pour de nouveaux mariés, la chanteuse Chrétienne Rebecca St. James et son mari Jacob ! Rebecca étant si ouverte sur la pureté jusqu’au mariage, cet évènement et une réponse magnifique de Dieu  aux prières et un exemple magnifique que le véritable amour attend !Voici le lien pour son site officiel :








Que Dieu vous bénisse !




Walking With God’s Musicians ministries (WGM)


















WGM Newsletter March/April/May 2011 / Lettre de Nouvelles Mars/Avril/Mai 2011 22 mai, 2011

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“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise;

his greatness no one can fathom.” – Psalm 145:3-


« Plan your life like you will live forever, and live your life like you will not see the next day » – Anonymous-



Hello everyone,happy Spring,

sorry if this letter finds you late , I just decided that I would send a newsletter every 3 month from now on.

WGM Newsletter March/April/May 2011 / Lettre de Nouvelles Mars/Avril/Mai 2011 dove-awards

_ our primary prayer requests is that God might bless the Dove Awards (the biggest Christan music awards ceremony) and He can be glorified through it.


See more at : www.doveawards.com/


- the second one is once more for pregnancies: Let’s pray for Adie Camp ( Jeremy Camp’s wife) expecting a third child.



Jeremy and Adie Camp


You can learn more about these 2 wonderful musicians of God:
















 Let’s also pray forAlisa Childers( former member of the band ZOEgirl), now an independent artist, who is awaiting her second child:


Alisa Childers


Check her new website and CD at :




                                             Alisa Childers


Pour en savoir plus sur Alisa et sur son nouveau CD allez sur :





-J’ai récemment fait un interview au sujet du ministère avec le merveilleux e-zine NOT OF THIS WORLD pour filles de missionnaires pour lequel j’écris aussi parfois, cliquez sur le lien si vous voulez lire l’interview


Soyez bénis,

Rebecca M

Walking With God’s Musicians (WGM) ministries






-         I recently did an interview with a great e- zine for Missionary kids ( teen  girls) called NOT OF THIS WORLD that I also write for from time to time. Check out the interview here:



Be blessed ,

Rebecca M

Walking With God’s Musicians (WGM) ministries


«  L’Eternel est grand et digne de recevoir toute louange,
sa grandeur est insondable. » -Psaume 145 :3-
« Planifie ta vie comme si tu vivras pour toujours, et vie ta vie comme si tu ne verras pas le prochain jour »
-         Anonyme-

Bonjour joyeux printemps,

Désolée que cette lettre arrive si tard , j’ai décidé d’envoyer une lettre de nouvelles tous les 3 mois partir de maintenant.


- Notre sujet de prière principal  est les Dove Awards (la plus grande cérémonie de récompenses pour la musique Chrétienne)que Dieu bénisse cette soirée  et qu’Il soit glorifié.



Pour en savoir plus visitez le site: www.doveawards.com/







-         Le second sujet de prière est pour des grossesses une fois de plus : prions pour Adie Camp ( épouse du chanteur Jeremy Camp)qui attend un troisième enfant.



Jeremy and Adie Camp


Pour en savoir plus sur ces deux musiciens talentueux de Dieu cliquez sur :





 et …

Prions aussi pour Alisa Childers (ancienne membre du groupe ZOEgirl) maintenant une artiste indépendante qui attend un deuxième bébé.



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