WALKING WITH GOD’S MUSICIANS MINISTRIES . Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!

Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!



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INTERVIEW WITH JANAE SHEPHERD  : A CHURCH’S  MUSIC DIRECTOR ASSOCIATE. dans Interviews janaeviolin2-200x300               Janae Shepherd

Janae Shepherd  is my former  Church’s Music Director  at my Church when I lived in Missouri.She now works at another Church  still in Missouri. She nicely agreed to share a little bit of insight on her  job as a Music Director Associate through some questions.I’m sure you’ll enjoy her beautiful heart for God as much as I do!


Did you study Music or anything Worship Leading in College?

Yes, I studied church music at a Christian college. This degree has helped me a
lot as I learned specific things related to church music ministry. The program
was very similar to what general music, performance and music education
students were studying, as far as core classes. I had additional classes on
music leading, church music literature, church music history. I also had an
internship with a local minister of music that was most helpful to me. I still
maintain contact with this person and several of my professors and they’ve been
a big help to me with questions I have about situations that arise in my

A lot of my colleagues have music degrees—maybe music performance or music
education. I would say in churches about 1000 members or less, they would
simply require that their music minister have a music degree. In a lot of
larger churches (more than 1000 members), the worship pastor or minister of
music will have an undergrad degree in music and a seminary degree of some
sort. I have a friend at a large church in the KC area and he has a master’s in
music, which is very unusual in the church world. (Like I said, most will have
a seminary degree). His master’s degree focused more on music training, as
opposed to theological training, which is what you get at a seminary.

In some scenarios, the worship leader may not have a music degree at all. I
imagine that would be in even smaller churches where the music minister and
pianist may be the only ones with any music skill. In a lot of contemporary
churches, who may just have a worship band, a degree may not be required, but
the worship leader or music minister will have some training in their
background—informal perhaps. But I think a lot of it depends on your situation
and the needs of your job. Churches with different needs look for individuals
with a specific skill-set and education needed for their scenario.


What is your job like as Music Director Associate at a Church?


If there is something the congregation will be singing that would be a good
“Instrumental Call to Worship” I’ll arrange it to make it an instrumental
piece. I have a computer program called “Finale” that I use to write music.
It’s just a computer version of staffEach scenario is different and even my job is kind of a “hybrid” position that
has been structured to fit my skills. My main responsibility is leading the
orchestra. I direct our weekly rehearsals, plan for these and recruit players.
So, each week I find out what my worship pastor has planned. I arrange for a
volunteer to come and pull the music and put together books for my players.
They all play different instruments, so they all have different parts. My
worship pastor plans months ahead what the choir will sing each week, so every
week in rehearsal we will rehearse the congregational music for the coming
week, along with several upcoming choir pieces. About every 4-6 weeks the
orchestra plays a special—either an instrumental “Call to Worship” or
“Offertory”. Every week we’ll have a couple of these pieces in our rehearsal
order so we can continually have something ready. paper and pencil. This is actually one of
my favorite things to do—changing a vocal piece to an instrumental piece.
That’s sort of my creative outlet!

Another part of my job is coordinating our age-graded choir program for kids.
This means I supply our preschool and kids choir leaders with materials they
need to lead their classes, and publicize the program within the church. I’ll
also seek out opportunities for my volunteers to get more training. They are
all volunteers so I think it’s important to help them learn more and become
better teachers. In 2012/13 we had three choirs—4 & 5 year olds, grades 1-2
and grades 3-5 (I taught the oldest group). This coming year (2013/14) we will
have four. We are adding a 3-year-old choir and I will be teaching it. Being
involved in the children’s and preschool choir program allows me to get to know
the kids in my church, which I love, because I have always loved kids!


What do you like the most about your job?

Good question—what I like most is the interaction with my people. I get so encouraged
by their dedication. Our total involvement in worship ministry is close to 150
people, but only 2 people out of all those are paid (me and my boss). Their
commitment to weekly rehearsals, at-home practice and being here on Sunday
morning is amazing!

I get to work with the best people. They dedicate themselves so much to this
ministry because they love Jesus! Working with my orchestra members is also
very uplifting for me. They are just great people to work with and I feel like
some of them are my family. We genuinely care for each other’s needs!

Another cool thing about this is being involved in people’s lives. We have some
orchestra members who started playing when they started high school (about age
14-15). It’s cool to see them grow up, develop as musicians and eventually go
onto college. It’s hard to see them go, but it’s a good feeling to know I was a
part of their growth. I’ve been at my church nearly 5 years, so I’m getting to
the point where kids I worked with in children’s choir are in high school. It’s
been cool to see how God has worked in their lives through all that life

Also, getting to know the kids. A huge passion of mine is investing in them and
helping them grow in Christ. Plus, they are so funny! My boss even allows me to
invest in students and kids in non-musical ways. Last summer I got to go to
summer camp with our 3-6th graders and just hang loose with them. For me it was
such a great time to be with them and watch them grow closer to God. I get to
go this year again. I’m so excited!

I have some great coworkers. Obviously, a big part of my time at work is spent
in the office. My coworkers make is a lot more fun. We have about 15 people on
staff, working in the office and we just like being with each other. Each week
at staff meeting we laugh and have a good time (oh, and we actually do work).
About once a month, we’ll eat lunch together, whether for a birthday or other
special occasion.



In your opinion, what is the best way people can pray for those involved
in music in the Church or in the Christian music industry?



Pray that we stay strong. Just like people in the real world, we work
hard and can get so busy we don’t have time to spend with God. It can be a
trap. Working in a church, one may get fooled into thinking their spiritual
life is ok, even if they’re slipping. Doing ministry for God is NOT the same as
spending time WITH God, in personal worship, bible study and prayer. You hear
sometimes about a pastor or Christian leader who has committed a big sin. That
stuff doesn’t just happen. It’s a gradual thing.


Pray that we stay connected with other believers. Church leaders don’t
always feel free to share their struggles with other believers in their own
church because we’re supposed to be strong. It can be lonely. We need to be
transparent and share our needs with others so they can strengthen us.


One thing I caution people about is having compassion on your church
leaders (This is not really a way to pray for them, and I don’t even know if
“compassion” is the right word). Those of us in music ministry are, I think,
born with this need to be people-pleasers. It’s hard when people complain that
we don’t sing the songs you like or it’s too loud. Right or wrong, we want to
make people happy and we want people to be pleased with our music. Sometimes
people are hurtful when they don’t consider that there are lots of different
people with different musical needs. A big part of our job is to educate people
about worship and train them what it means to be a worshipper. We want to teach
you that it’s about your heart. You may not “connect” with every song, but
maybe there’s something you could learn from it. We sing a lot of different
songs in different styles because all those different things help the ENTIRE
church worship—not just one segment. We can learn to accept and embrace
different styles, instrumentation, words, expressions in worship.


Thank you so much Janae for
taking the time to answer these questions for us!





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Interview with Meeke Addison former Christian radio Host!Interview avec Meeke Addison qui était animatrice d’une radio Chrétienne. 29 juin, 2012

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Interview with Meeke Addison former Christian radio Host!Interview avec Meeke Addison qui était animatrice d'une radio Chrétienne. dans Interviews 248373_211830922184465_7258367_n

1) How did you start working at  Christian Radio ?

I started as a volunteer for AFR’s local station in my town of Lafayette, LA. I was a morning
co-host for 2-3 hours each weekday morning.

.2)How is it working at a Christian radio?

I love working in Christian radio. I don’t have to put my beliefs on a shelf in fact I get to
talk almost exclusively about my convictions and the goodness of God. Plus I
have the unique opportunity to be a part of people’s lives in a tangible way.
You can play the right song at just the right time and not even know the impact
you’re having on someone’s eternity! That’s better than great.

3)What do  you like the most about your job?

I like that I get to be me. I like using the gifts God has given me to advance His Kingdom. It’s like
giving them right back to Him! Love it!!

4) If you could choose a Christian artist  you haven’t interviewed , but would have loved to,who would it be?

I would love to interview LeCrae. He’s doing some really amazing things in the Christian HipHop arena and I’m really impressed with the amount of people he’s reaching these days. I want to pick his brain and hear about the mission God has given him.

5)How can  people pray for the Christian radios at the present time?

Pray for the effectiveness of Christian radio to remain. Pray that the Lord will continue to use it as a powerful medium to change lives.Radio can go into places people cannot. So it’s very important that what is on the airwaves brings glory to God and draws people closer to Him. Pray for God’s purposes to be revealed.

Thank you, Meeke for taking the time to answer these questions!




Interview with Alisa Childers : former member of ZOEgirl 8 mai, 2012

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Interview with Alisa Childers : former member of ZOEgirl dans Interviews zoegirl-room  Chrissy , Alisa, Kristin ( zoegirl band : 1999_2006)
Alisa%20Childers dans Interviews
Here is a new interview I did with Alisa Childers a former member of the band ZOEgirl, she is now a solo artist. She nicely agreed to answer a few questions for us , in order to hopefully pray more effectively for Christian musicians and know what their needs are.
How did the band ZOEgirl start?

Zoegirl started in 1999 when our manager contacted me about starting an all-girl group
that would minister to young teens. He then introduced me to Kristin and we
began writing together. Through a mutual friend we met Chrissy and knew our
group was complete.

How would you describe your experience with the band?

Being in zoegirl was a wonderful experience where I got to travel all over the US and to many other parts of the
world. I got to sing about Jesus and see many young people become encouraged
and awakened in their walk with Him.

What made you decide to start a solo career?

I’ve been doing solo music since I was in High School. I never
thought of being in a group until our manager approached me with the idea. I
loved being in a group with Chrissy and Kristin, but when that was over,
continuing with my solo music was a natural progression.

From your point of you, what are the most important prayer requests for Christian musicians at the
present time?


I think the most important prayer request for Christian musicians
is that they would walk in the fullness of their calling, stay refreshed, and
stay on track spiritually.

What is the best spiritual lesson you’ve learned since you started touring with ZOEgirl and now


The best spiritual lesson I’ve learned is that everyone has
something important to contribute. You may not reach everyone, but you will
probably reach at least one person in a deep and meaningful way.



For more information on Alisa check out
her website: http://www.alisachilders.com/


Thank you Alisa for taking the time to
answer my questions !





2 septembre, 2011

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  dans Interviews 51wrk86-ZkL._SS500_

                                            ELISSA                                                                            BECCA 



Interview with Christian  sister band The Sonflowerz:

 (1)How did the band start?

We grew up in a musical family, so it’s always been part of our lives. Elissa picked up the guitar when she was 14 and began writing songs. Soon after, we formed ‘The Sonflowerz’ with four other girls and began leading worship at our church youth group! -Becca

(2) What are from your point of view the biggest prayer requests right now for Christian musicians?

Sometimes people don’t realize that Christian musicians need prayer just like a pastor or ministry leader does. We spread the Gospel through music and it’s important that our entire lives represent Christ well. Prayer needs vary based on the person, but I think we all can relate to the need for spiritual endurance. Prayer for spiritual endurance is essential! –Becca

I know that prayer is a big reason why The Sonflowerz have been able to go forward in ministry for over 11 years now! We know it’s essential to staying close to God and be aware of the enemy’s schemes. My prayer request would be for grace in booking events, more bookings in 2012, and continued financial provision so we can keep going. Also, unity as a family ministry where our parents and husbands are involved. We are blessed by our prayer partners! – Elissa

(3) How is it singing, touring with your sister?

We are often asked how we get along so well on the road together. I think it reflects how we grew up. As a really close family, we did a lot together. Elissa and I have a great friendship and we share the same desire to see Jesus glorified through what we do. That makes touring and doing music together a lot of fun. -Becca

(4) What are the most important spiritual needs for Christian artists right now?

I think needs for Christian artists are spiritual renewal and connection within the Body of Christ. Many

artists travel so much that they become very disconnected from people who can ‘feed’ them spiritually. They are constantly ‘giving out’ which is very exhausting. Keeping focus and a pure heart in the purpose of being a Christian artist (which is to reach the lost) is often a struggle, when pressure to sell CDs and make money for a record label can be very strong.

(5) What are the most important matérial needs for Christian musicians?

Some of the material needs would be bookings, which can be hard to come by if you are just starting out, or when the economy is difficult. Events that the artist plays for is one of the main ways they make enough money to keep going as an artist. Another material need for an independent artist is volunteers to help the band promote concerts, book concerts, manage office work and things of that nature.

The biggest difference between an independent artist and ‘major label artist’ is that the indie doesn’t have a group of people working for them behind the scenes, so they need assistance in many areas. (We are lucky to have family helping us on and off the road!)

Other material needs are songs (inspiration to write!), and the right music equipment. Many artists have need for transport such as a bus or a van. -Elissa


  Thank you very much to my dear « cyber sisters in Christ and friends » Elissa and Becca for graciously  doing this interview. And don’t forget to check out their new CD « By faith » out September 13th!

Rebecca M.




Interview with new BEC RECORDINGS artist JESSA ANDERSON! 8 avril, 2011

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Interview with new BEC RECORDINGS artist JESSA ANDERSON! dans Interviews jessa%20anderson

Here is a new e-mail interview with JESSA ANDERSON the newest signed artist with BEC RECORDINGS.Her beautiful  music and her faith are so refreshing. 

When did you start singing?

Singing is something I have loved since I started talking. I remember singing « Jesus Loves Me » in church before I was three years old. It’s definitely something that has always been a major part of who I am.    Do you write your own songs?  I do! I love to communicate what God is teaching me through my songs. On occasion my husband and I will collaborate as well.   

How can we pray for you and other Christian artists?

Life as a touring musician is very unique. As much as I love it and have a passion to continue, there are difficulties as well. Being on the road can make it challenging to have an established sense of community when you do have opportunities to spend time at home. Every day looks different, and that can lead to a feeling of insecurity or confusion about the future. I know for our family, prayers for continued and growing faith in God’s provision are always welcome!  

  How do you balance your personal and professional life?  Thankfully my husband, daughter and I are able to travel as a family. My husband is a fantastic musician and songwriter and we perform as a duo. I think the biggest challenge is setting aside a few minutes that are focused on our relationship to each other as a couple and a family, because it’s easy to let work infiltrate every waking moment, whether it’s logistics or the more creative stuff. We love what we do though and have grown to love this lifestyle as well!    

 What are, for you;  the most important needs of Christian musicians?   Right now, with the way the music industry has shifted toward digital sales, just supporting musicians by attending their shows and buying CD’s and merch, or downloading the CD online is a huge encouragement. We are passionate about bringing the message of salvation through Christ as well as encouragement to believers through great music and feel so fortunate to be able to support our family doing that. Seeing people respond to that by supporting our music is such a blessing.  

To learn more about Jessa check out the following links:

 http://jessaanderson.com (main site)   

  facebook.com/JessaAnderson (Facebook FanPage) , twitter.com/jessaanderson (Twitter profile),  

myspace.com/jessaanderson (Myspace profile),

iTunes.com/JessaAnderson (iTunes shop)

                                                       dans Interviews 

  Thank you so much to Jessa for taking the time to answer these questions !Please keep her and her family in your prayers, and check back for more interviews.





Interview with Independent Christian artist Rita Pam Tarachi 29 janvier, 2011

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Interview with independent Christian artist Rita Pam Tarachi


 Afficher l'image en taille réelle


Here is an interview I did with Rita via e-mail ! And I have to say her words inspired me I hope they will be alble to inspire you too!

How is life as a Christian musician?

Life as a messenger in God’s vineyard isn’t all rosy! There are times I have it all smooth and there are times, the journey gets tougher but I am grateful for both the happy and rough times as these are the things we’re to expect. Jesus Himself said this in  Matthew 10.16: “Listen! I am sending you out just like sheep to a pack of wolves. You must be as cautious as snakes and as gentle as doves” (GNT)

What is the Lord teaching you at the moment?Currently, what I’m learning at the Lord’s feet is to trust him completely and never fret about tomorrow. Its totally human to worry some times but we should have it at the back of our minds that worry solves nothing! We should continually keep our focus on Him and get attention off ourselves… In doing this, we’d realize that as we seek Him and His kingdom, He’d begin to increase us and bless all aspects of our lives. In Matthew 6.33 it says “But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (ASV)

Do you write your own songs?

Yes, I write my own songs.

What are the best ways to intercede, pray for you and other Christian artists ?

We need prayers over our lives and our ministries, that GOD would keep us strengthened to carry out the message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth; there are countless trials and thorns along the way, and we need God to overcome; our needs sometimes are also personal and we need to continue praying for each other.

Thank you Rita for this interview!

for more information on Rita:



Rebecca Maurino Walking With God’s Musicians ministries



Q&A with KANSAS from TRUE EMOTION 4 décembre, 2010

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Here is an intervew I did with Kansas via e-mail , we’ve been « e-mail friends » for about a year now! She is such an inpiration and blessing to me!

  Q&A with KANSAS from TRUE EMOTION dans Interviews l_087c7a82be484658aa45d942b9179480 

Kelsie, Kasondra, Kansas, Jasmyn, Jamie     

 Who is True emotion :   

True emotion is a Pop/Dance Christian band  formed by the 5 Calkhoven sisters, Kansas, Jamie,Kasondra, kelsie and Jasmyn.

They are full of energy , love for Christ and  most of all, of talent.          

  Here are the questions I asked her and her answers:

How is life as a Christian  traveling artist( especially with  2 boys)? ( good and bad sides of it?)

  It is great!  I feel like I have the best of both worlds.  God has blessed me as a mother with two wonderful boys and also as an artist to be able to minister through music and being on the road.  I love being able to share my faith and testimony at concerts, but it is SO hard being away from my boys.  Thankfully I have a wonderful husband at home who is supportive and watches over them.    

How is it being a Wife and Mom while touring?


It works out fine and we find a good balance.  It helps being able to skype and talk on the phone with them when I am away.  Sometimes they are even able to come along, which I love!    How do you balance touring and family life?   That is a question that I don’t even know how to answer:)  Balance is something I will always strive for, but I don’t know if I will ever have.  I just try and do the best at both.  When I am home I give my FULL attention to my family/boys and when I’m on the road I give my attention and focus to our music and ministry.  I feel God gives me balance in life when I give 100% to Him and what He is calling me to do at that time.   

How do you maintain a close relationship with the Lord , being on the road so much , and being very busy?

  I spend a lot of time writing, praying and reading scripture.  I feel God talks to me a lot through Scripture and writing is my escape for talking to Him.  I really grow in a relationship with Him when I get my thoughts and feelings out and worship in prayer.  I continue to ask support from friends and family and also for prayers as I want to seek the Lord in all I do.  I have learned to take time every day and set it aside for alone time with the Lord.   

How do you keep close friendships being on the road so much? I keep up with phone calls, emails and getting together when I can.  My close friends understand and support me no matter how much they « see » me.l_5576dec9e00a4b4898a03523e03bc12a dans Interviews

 Jamie, Jasmyn, Kansas, Kelsie, Kasondra    

Thank you kansas for answering my Questions!:)


 Website:  www.trueemotionmusic.com.

 Myspace : www.myspace.com/trueemotiononline 

 E-mail : info@trueemotionmusic.com                     



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