WALKING WITH GOD’S MUSICIANS MINISTRIES . Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!

Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!


Verset sur la musique et la louange… Verse on music and Worship 27 mars, 2012

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Verset sur la musique et la louange... Verse on music and Worship Music+6l


 » I will sing of your  love and justice;

to you ,O Lord, I will sing praise.

-PSALM 101: 1-


« Je  chanterai la bonté et le droit;

c’est toi , Eternel, que je célébrerai »

-PSAUME 101:1-





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WGM NEWSLETTER MARCH/APRIL 2012 / LETTRE DE NOUVELLES WGM MARS/AVRIL 2012 eco-planete-eco-gestes-feter-printemps

Hello everyone and Happy early Spring !
There is only one subject I would like to ask us to  pray for:
- The DOVES AWARDS 2012: Christian  biggest awards ceremony April 19th.
This is a great opprtunity to show one more time Christian music is different than any other kind of music.
To end this short newsletter , I just  want to give  a  little update.
-the new facebook page needs more likes so facebook will  keep it alive so please do like the page if you haven’t and please feel free to comment  and share your favorite  Christian songs!
-        The blog: If you haven’t checked it out  , please do, thank you! :
On the blog  you’ll find music reviews I wrote , or Christian related blogs. Lately , I had some of my friends that are gifted bloggers , guest post! Be sure to check these posts out! And please  do comment and let us know what you think , this is a communisty minsitry! We need you! Also stay tunned for more interviews and gust posts to come…
- Also , I could really  use some help with little things  to keep this ministry going; if you’re  interested in helping with  the minsitry contact me at : maurinorebecca@yahoo.fr
Thank you!

Be blessed !
WGM ministry founder
Bonjour tout le monde et joyeux Printemps;
Dans cette lettre je voudrez demander de prier pour les Doves Awards.Que cette soirée glorifié grandement le Seigneur !
N’oubliez- pas d’aimer la page facebook si vous ne l’avez pas déjà fait .Merci.
Visitez aussi notre blogs pour des écrits par des invités sur la musique Chrétienne et autres…
Soyez bénis,
Fondatrice du ministère


Guest post review on Britt Nicole’s new single : « All This Time » 6 mars, 2012

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Guest post review on Britt Nicole's new single :


“I just hope that it encourages you and
it reminds you that God is faithful and He is for you and He is with you that
no matter what you are walking through, He sees it and He is your strength…”

said Britt Nicole as she excitedly talked about her single “All This Time”
which is included in her up coming album “GOLD” on March 27 but will be
available on March 26th. However, her fans have no reason to fret because her new
single “All This Time” is available on iTunes since January 31st.

This song captured my ears and my heart the very first time I heard it play at
a Christian radio station KLOVE. The song spoke to me in a way I could relate.
It reminded me the time in my life that I realized, God has been with me all
this time

The lyrics reflected Britt’s life testimony as she undergo of her parent’s
painful divorce.

I remember the moment

I remember the pain

I was only a girl

But I grew up that day

Tears were falling

I know You saw me

« ‘All This Time’ is my salvation story, It is the story of how I met
Jesus, and a reminder that whatever we face in life, we don’t have to face it
alone because Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us. » she shared
in her website.

Britt’s parents divorced when she was seven years old.

« During that time of going through that divorce, I remember just feeling
an emptiness in my heart and feeling like, ‘Man, my mom can’t fill this void,
and my dad isn’t going to be able to fill it…something is missing.’ I would
watch my parents argue and fight, and I was afraid. Then there were times where
I felt really alone. It was a situation that they were going through, where I
felt like I couldn’t really go to them.

I got saved when I was seven-years-old, the same time I was watching my parents
go through this divorce. I just remember this man preaching, and my heart
pounding in my chest. He gave the alter call. He said, ‘If anyone wants to come
down and receive Jesus as your Savior, you can come down now.’ I needed to just
cry, I needed to just lay it all down before His feet. And say, God take
it. » she stated in her life’s testimony in an interview article for

Britt Nicole’s lyrics testifies that God can bring healing and restoration to
broken hearts of this broken generation.

402065_10151082499630436_585855435_22334106_1560537631_nBy Myric Andreasen

Myric is a very dear friend of mine , and a very gifted Blogger and
writer.Check out her amazing blog here:http://myricandreasen.blogspot.com/



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