WALKING WITH GOD’S MUSICIANS MINISTRIES . Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!

Standing alsongside Christian artists through prayer ! Marchant auprès des musiciens Chrétiens à travers la prière!


Interview with new BEC RECORDINGS artist JESSA ANDERSON! 8 avril, 2011

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Interview with new BEC RECORDINGS artist JESSA ANDERSON! dans Interviews jessa%20anderson

Here is a new e-mail interview with JESSA ANDERSON the newest signed artist with BEC RECORDINGS.Her beautiful  music and her faith are so refreshing. 

When did you start singing?

Singing is something I have loved since I started talking. I remember singing « Jesus Loves Me » in church before I was three years old. It’s definitely something that has always been a major part of who I am.    Do you write your own songs?  I do! I love to communicate what God is teaching me through my songs. On occasion my husband and I will collaborate as well.   

How can we pray for you and other Christian artists?

Life as a touring musician is very unique. As much as I love it and have a passion to continue, there are difficulties as well. Being on the road can make it challenging to have an established sense of community when you do have opportunities to spend time at home. Every day looks different, and that can lead to a feeling of insecurity or confusion about the future. I know for our family, prayers for continued and growing faith in God’s provision are always welcome!  

  How do you balance your personal and professional life?  Thankfully my husband, daughter and I are able to travel as a family. My husband is a fantastic musician and songwriter and we perform as a duo. I think the biggest challenge is setting aside a few minutes that are focused on our relationship to each other as a couple and a family, because it’s easy to let work infiltrate every waking moment, whether it’s logistics or the more creative stuff. We love what we do though and have grown to love this lifestyle as well!    

 What are, for you;  the most important needs of Christian musicians?   Right now, with the way the music industry has shifted toward digital sales, just supporting musicians by attending their shows and buying CD’s and merch, or downloading the CD online is a huge encouragement. We are passionate about bringing the message of salvation through Christ as well as encouragement to believers through great music and feel so fortunate to be able to support our family doing that. Seeing people respond to that by supporting our music is such a blessing.  

To learn more about Jessa check out the following links:

 http://jessaanderson.com (main site)   

  facebook.com/JessaAnderson (Facebook FanPage) , twitter.com/jessaanderson (Twitter profile),  

myspace.com/jessaanderson (Myspace profile),

iTunes.com/JessaAnderson (iTunes shop)

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  Thank you so much to Jessa for taking the time to answer these questions !Please keep her and her family in your prayers, and check back for more interviews.





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